Dry Ice Temp Data Logger

Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

Temperature data logger is a product developed by Apresys specifically for the cold chain industry. It is widely used in food, medicine, logistics, blood, chemical, electronics and other industries. After the data recording is completed, the device is plugged into the computer‘s USB interface to read, save, print data.
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Apresys Probeless Dry Ice Temperature data loggers are cost effective, simple to use and reliable, perfect solution for monitoring the temperature of dry ice shipments.

We offer four models for monitoring dry ice temperatures upon shipping time:

DI-05: Sampling interval 1 minute, record up to 5 days

DI-25: Sampling interval 5 minutes, record up to 25 days

DI-50: Sampling interval 10 minutes, record up to 50 days

DI-99: Sampling interval 20 minutes, record up to 99 days



Ultra Low Operating Temperature: -85°C (-121°F)

Can be Placed in Direct Contact with Dry Ice

No External Probes or Wiring

Connect with PC to read and print directly

High Accuracy +/-0.5°C

Software support in English version and Chinese version

°F/°C switch freely

Dual data encryption technology to ensure data is real

Apresys manufactures products under an ISO 9001 registered quality management system

The Apresys Ultra low temperature data logger provides date and time stamped temperature readings and uses the Data Logging Software designed and developed by Apresys. The user can view the data in graphical form, tabular form or text form.

Dry ice shippers will find the single-use dry ice temperature data loggers a revelation as it is cost effective, simple to use and reliable. Place the dry ice temperature data logger directly in the low temperature environment. The enclosure is designed with USB port and is splash proof. Connect  USB to PC port with a personal computer. (USB connection directly)

LED light Instruction

The Apresys dry ice temperature data logger is equipped with one LED light. Press the red button about 3s, the LED will blink 3 times, then blink 10 times fast to start recording. The red LED will blink every 5 seconds while the recorder is logging. Connect the USB with PC, click read data via software, the temperature data logger will stop recording automatically. The Apresys temperature data logger is the ideal temperature monitoring solution for any application involving low temperature recording.


The Apresys Dry Ice temperature data logger can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods and shipping containers. This stand-alone device does not require any additional probes.

Also available are our Ultra Low Multi-use Temperature Data for Dry ice temperature data logger. High and low alarm limits and high and low warning limits can be programmed through the software. The user can set the alarm limits in the range required for the goods to be maintained.

NOTE: Remember to install USB driver in the software package otherwise PC can`t recognize the data logger.

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