Temp Humidity Data Logger

NFC Temperature Humidity Data Logger for Smartphone

Temperature data logger is a product developed by Apresys specifically for the cold chain industry. It is widely used in food, medicine, logistics, blood, chemical, electronics and other industries. After the data recording is completed, the device is plugged into the computer‘s USB interface to read, save, print data.
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NFC temperature data logger combine of the traditional electronic temperature data logger with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and cloud services form a new concept products. The Apresys disposable temperature data logger have depth waterproof, small size, low cost, easy to read, data networking and other characteristics, temperature-sensitive products are mainly used in warehousing, transportation, distribution and other cold chain links. Each temperature data logger has a registration information, achieve Traceability standard.



Agricultural products, food, medicine, vaccines, blood, electronics, chemicals and other temperature-sensitive products in the production, transportation, warehousing, distribution and security in the temperature record traceability.



Fully enclosed package, IP68 waterproof, dustproof, extremely resistant and fully submersible

Smaller size than a business card, the thickness only 2.4mm

A quick download of the data logger to your NFC phone in 3-5 seconds

You can upload the data to cloud server to facilitate networking online inquiry

Register each data logger before start in order to facilitate traceability security


Access your data logger anywhere with your NFC Adroid mobile phone:

Install Apresys app by scanning QR-Code on your NFC Adroid mobile phone

Free app of the Adroid app market
Detailed temperature curve and all its relating data
A complete list of all the data loggers downloaded on the mobile phone
A free access to a remote cloud service to access all the data for your cold chain


  * Temperature range: -4 ° F ~ 140 ° F or -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

  Humidity range: 0%RH~99%RH

  * Full Temp accuracy: +/- 1 ° F or +/- 0.5 ° C

  Humidity accuracy: 3%RH

  * Data Capacity: 4000 group

  * Resolution: 0.1 ° F or 0.1 ° C

  * Time interval:≥1 minute  can be set

  * Delayed start ≥1 minutes can be set

  * Battery Lithium Battery

  * The life of a single use model: 1 year / Multiple Use Model: 2 years

  * Dimensions 70mm * 50mm * 2.4m

  * Weight : 10g

  * Start Recording: Press start button on

  * Stop recording: Connect PC to read to stop or recycle recording

  * Read mode: NFC phone, hand-held card reader, micro-printer

  * Read range: NFC phones -5CM, reader -30CM, printer -20CM

  * Read password: can be set before start on 

  * Note information company, name, origin, numbers, notes


How to use the NFC data logger?

1, Scan code to download software: NFC-enabled Android smart phone to scan two-dimensional code on the label, download and install the application software (you can use your browser's scan code function or use the “sweep”, "WE CHAT"  scan code is not supported download function).

2, open NFC-enabled mobile phones: After installing the software, the software prompts the user to open the NFC function and automatically turn on the NFC interface, open the NFC function, the phone can communicate with tag data logger. 

3, configuration tag: Before starting record labels, open the software, notes the information required to set up, click "confirm" and “place your phone near the card to configthe label near the phone back within 5cm, will complete the configuration automatically, it displayConfiguration Succeeded

4. Start recording: After Configuration, and press the start button 3 times in 2 seconds, the indicator will flash10 times fastly. (Before started: press start button, indicator light one time;  After started:press the button, Indicator keep flashing)

5, Read data: Put NFC phone close within label less than 5CM, will read the data automatically , took about 4 seconds.

6, Data upload: After the data is read, the selected data can be uploaded to a designated server for queries, first upload need to set the server IP address, see Detailed instructions.

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