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The Role of Humidity Recorder in Agricultural Food Storage and Transportation

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The Role of Humidity Recorder in Agricultural Food Storage and Transportation

The temperature and humidity recorder is an environmental monitoring instrument that can quickly measure the temperature and humidity in the air. The temperature and humidity recorder is mainly used to measure and record the environmental data of the measuring points, and then guide the staff to manage. Since the temperature and humidity recorder is required in many environments, the data of this environmental monitor can guide the work, so the application field of the temperature and humidity recorder is also very wide.

Apresys temperature and humidity recorder is an instrument that measures the temperature and humidity parameters and stores them in the internal memory at a predetermined time interval. After the recording function is completed, it is connected to the PC, and uses the adaptive software to extract the stored data and analyze it according to its value and time. It is widely used in agricultural and animal husbandry production, long-distance transportation or marine refrigerated food and other fields. For example, for agricultural and livestock production, especially for the production of some cash crops, the temperature and humidity values should be recorded in detail at the seedling stage. However, in agricultural applications, due to the acid and alkaline environment caused by the harsh environment - fertilizer, feces, etc., the humidity products drift more than other environments, which requires that the humidity sensitive capacitor drift is small and the whole machine calibration is convenient.

The time of food storage and transportation is not a short-term problem, but the relative equilibrium humidity in food preservation is an important indicator to ensure food safety, and the relative equilibrium humidity directly affects the growth of bacterial colonies. Therefore, in the process of food storage and transportation, people often arrange the work content according to the data conclusion of the temperature and humidity recorder.

For example, when refrigerated food is transported for a long distance or transported by sea, it is very important to prove that the goods are always in the specified temperature and humidity conditions when they are received. The way to solve the dispute is to put a recorder in the cargo hold at the time of shipment, and start it. The temperature and humidity recorder has a precise internal clock, which faithfully records the temperature and humidity data at a specified time interval. When it is taken out, it can easily use the computer to view the graphic files and alarm values, judge whether the allowable value is exceeded, when and the duration can be easily obtained, and whether the carrier is responsible will be immediately known.

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