Digital Day-and-Night Rifle Scope

Digital Day-and-Night Rifle Scope

Product Features
AP-DS8X series digital Day-and-night Rifle Scope, Apresys Optics actively adjust their development to build a high-performance professional digital day-and-night dual-purpose sighting, one-button return to zero, self-adaptive electronic dividing (electronic dividing and tracking); Low illumination adaptability is strong, high image quality, high precision, can be dual-use day and night, ratio is large, light weight, high cost performance, etc. It also has day and night camera, videos, GPS, wireless Wi-Fi transmission and other supporting functions, fully meet the needs of modern people “show”, is the optimal choice for outdoor hunting.

Technical Specifications

Power supply Li battery (CR123x3),USB-5V Li battery (CR123x3),USB-5V Li battery (CR123x3),USB-5V
Mounting Picatinny rail Picatinny rail Picatinny rail
Power dissipation <1.45W  (WiFi OFF) <1.45W  (WiFi OFF) <1.45W  (WiFi OFF)
Battery capacity 1500-2500maH 1500-2500maH 1500-2500maH
Battery life 4-6H 4-6H 4-6H
Optics magnification 5X 7X 9X
Mill (MOA) 1/8–1/2 1/10–1/3 1/12–1/4
Mill range (MOA) +/-13 +/-9 +/-6.5
Zero set mill (MOA) +/-7.5 +/-5 +/-4
Electronic zoom 4X 4X 4X
F number F1.3 F1.4 F1.5
MTF 150LP/mm 150LP/mm 150LP/mm
distortion 0.5%Max 0.5%Max 0.5%Max
Distance range 5M-∞ 8M-∞ 10M-∞
Adjust mode manual manual manual
Distance of pupil 50mm 50mm 50mm
Eyepiece aperture 8mm 8mm 8mm
Diopter range +/-5 +/-5 +/-5
Image sensor CMOS CMOS CMOS
CMOS sensitivity  1×10-3 Lx 1×10-3 Lx 1×10-3 Lx
Sensor resolution 1080P 1080P 1080P
Display 480x480x3 OLED 480x480x3 OLED 480x480x3 OLED
shock strength >1000G >1000G >1000G
Memory 1-64GB Micro SD 1-64GB Micro SD 1-64GB Micro SD
Multi-function record,GPS,WiFi,compass,HDMI record,GPS,WiFi,compass,HDMI record,GPS,WiFi,compass,HDMI
Temperature range -20–+50℃ -20–+50℃ -20–+50℃
Humidity range 5%-95% 5%-95% 5%-95%
Waterproof IP65/IP67 IP65/IP67 IP65/IP67
Size 280x79x72 305x79x72 335x79x72
Weight(no battery) 0.68KG 0.75KG 0.86KG



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