Dry Ice Temp Data Logger-Ex

Ultra Low Reusable Temperature Data Logger with External Sensor
—Dry Ice Temperature Monitor 179-PDF-TI with Display Screen

Apresys Dry Ice Temperature data loggers are cost effective, simple to use and reliable, perfect solution for monitoring the temperature of dry ice shipments.

Model: 179-PDF-TI
Temp Range: -121°F ~158°F, -85°C ~70°C
Accuracy: ±0.5℃(-40℃~70℃),±1℃(-85℃~-40℃)
Resolution: 0.01°F/ 0.01°C
Capacity: 24000 readings
Storage Time: 1.5 years
How to start: Press start button 3 seconds
Pls set interval time and start via software at first time use.
How to stop: Press STOP button, or connect PC, stop recording automatically
Battery: 3.6V, ER14250
Dimension: 101mm*48mm*19mm

Ultra Low Operating Temperature: -85°C (-121°F)
Can be Placed in Direct Contact with Dry Ice
No External Probes or Wiring
Connect with PC to read and print directly
High Accuracy +/-0.5°C
Software support in English version and Chinese version
°F/°C switch freely
Dual data encryption technology to ensure data is real
The Apresys Ultra low temperature data logger provides date and time stamped temperature readings and uses the Data Logging Software designed and developed by Apresys. The user can view the data in PDF format.
The Apresys Dry Ice temperature data logger can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods and shipping containers. This stand-alone device does not require any additional probes.

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