GPRS Temp Humidity Monitoring System


v Internal Sensor Temp. Range      -40℃~70℃/ 0~100%RH

v External Sensor Temp. Range    -40~100℃ / 0~100%RH

v Accuracy                   ±0.5℃ / 3%RH

v Resolution                  0.1℃/ 0.1%RH

v Sensor                      Digital Sensor(External Sensor Optional)

v Data Capacity           500,000 readings

v Database                  Stores data in last three months

v Time Interval              1 second to 24 hours

v LCD Display              Standby Time 2 mins

v Display                     Temp. & RH data, power display, signal status,

recording status & recorded data

v Starting                     via software timing start /press button to start

v Recording                  Loop recording

v GPRS Function          Built-in GPRS transmit module, support China Unicom and China Mobile cards

v Position                     GPRS network positioning

v Message Alarm          Supports up to 10 phone numbers alarm

v Transmission Interval    ≥Recording Interval

v Data Flow                  1.6M per month

v GPRS                       Wireless communication network and USB interfaces

v Power Supply            7000mA battery-powered or 9V external power supply

v Monitoring software    Android mobile software, computer web version (no installation)

v Clock Display            Hardware clock, time can’t reset when power off

v Dimension                105mm*85mm*33mm



v Monitor temperature & humidity changes via Mobile software and Internet browsers simultaneously.

v Network servers and data logger memory synchronization make data more secure.

v Support the battery and external power supply, battery normal working can last 3 months.

v All operations generated operating logs on equipment and software, making management more strictly.

v You can set alarm via software, SMS, browser, response to emergencies timely .

v Unique moisture-proof treatment, capable high humidity and other harsh environments.

v Set login permissions to monitor software, instrument settings can not be modified by non-designated staff.

v The recorded data can not be tampered in any way, to ensure the authenticity of the data.

v Positioning function can always know the exact location of monitored target.

v 500,000 readings and the large capacity of the server,data loop recording 3 months.



GPRS temperature & humidity data logger, also known as wireless temperature & humidity data logger, or

temperature and humidity monitoring system, mainly use the GPRS network for specified temperature

and humidity monitoring. Such as: refrigerated trucks, incubators, blood bank, food and drug factories,

large warehouses, cold storage and off-site laboratory, computer room, file room. GPRS temperature & humidity

data logger compare with traditional temperature & humidity data logger, show a real time monitoring, alarm and

operation more convenient advantage.


Now this model is not available for international sales

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