Long Distance Laser Rangefinder LRB-20km

Apresys Long-distance Laser Rangefinder LRB-20km


The long-distance laser rangefinder with binoculars is designed and manufactured by military standards, it is used for measurement and observation of single target; maximum measuring distance may up to 20 km; military product, with super performance and high environmental adaptability. At present it is the standard equipment in Canadian and Russian army. It has found use in various military action, counter-terrorism operations, geological survey, engineering rescue, coastal navigation, meteorology, etc.



Minimum measuring range: 50 m

Maximum measuring range: >19990m

Measurement accuracy: ±3 m

Angular resolution: <1.3 mrad;

Wavelength: 1.06 µm;

Laser power: > 12 mJ;

Beam divergence angle: < 1 mrad;

Frequency: 5 times/min, 10 times/min

Measurement precision: > 98%.

Data interface: RS422

Power supply: DC 12V/ rechargeable Lithium Battery 11.1V

Operating temperature: -40~50ºC;

Storage temperature: -55~68ºC;

Relative humidity: 95%~98%.

Size: 260mm×220mm×100mm;

Weight: 2.0 kg.


Optical index

Magnification: 8x

Field of view: 7º

Exit pupil diameter: 8.75 mm

Eye relief: 15 mm

Resolution: 8 s

Assembly errors of diopter: ±0.5 diopter

Diopter adjustment range: ±5 diopter.


Main function

Main function of the laser rangefinder is as follows:


measuring target distance;

display target distance;

transmit the distance information to the host device.


Packing list: host device for 1 pc, maintenance manual, test report,  control cable, data line, dry cabinet.


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