Long Distance Laser Rangefinder LRB10km

1, Specifications

Model: Pro10km/15km

Measurement Range: 30-10000m/30-15000m

Accuracy: ±2m

Distance Gating: 20~5120m (1 step is 10m)

Repetition frequency: 1/6~1/3Hz (10~20 times/min)

2, Ranging function

1), Calculate the average value of measurement data

2), Measurement data storage (1000 data)

3), Measurement data transmission (output interface: RS232, 2400, 8, N, 2)

4), LCD screen and reticle lighting and brightness adjustment,

5), 20S automatically shuts down when there is no operation.

6), Statistics of instrument working life

7), The last ten distance value query

3, Optical parameters

Receiving aperture:  50mm

Sight field of view:  4°

Scope magnification: 10X

Wave length: 1.064μm

Output energy: ≥5mj

Working life: ≥ 20,000 times

4. Working temperature -10℃~+50℃ (-40℃~+60℃)

5. Environmental adaptation: Dustproof, Waterproof and Anti-seismic

6. Mechanical parameters

Dimensions 153*138*63mm

Weight Approximately 1.5kg



Slope +/- 90

Measure moving object is available

Storage and check the measured data

LCD and illumination

Packing List

LRB10km laser rangefinder


Rechargeable battery

Outside activating cable

Carrying case

Purpose and Usage Range

U.S. APRESYS LRB10km remote laser rangefinder / long-distance rangefinder. LRB10km is especially designed to measure the ground. It is used for remote measurement, high precision, wide range, easy to carry, and easy to operate. It can also be used for different environmental measurements, river way, sea-route, mark post, telecommunications, cable, geological surveying, meteorology, airport, forest, etc..

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