Temperature Data Logger Application

Apresys temperature/ humidity data loggers are used the world over in a diverse range of applications; from monitoring fridge temperatures for vaccines to charting the life of a battery under load.

Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Container Transportation, Chemical Medicines and Food Monitoring for cold-chain management

Food and medicine are both important for manufacturers, suppliers and end users to have verifiable evidence that correct environmental conditions have been provided from the moment of manufacture to the time that the goods are used. A number of Apresys temperature data loggers (D25, D50, D99, 179T1, 179A-T1, 179B-T1, 179-T2, 179-UT, 199-WT1) and temperature & humidity data loggers (179-TH, 179A-TH, 179-UTH, 199-WTH) are ideal for use in these applications.

Agriculture, Horticulture, Warehouse Environmental Monitoring

You can’t control the weather, but you can keep a check on what it’s doing. The Apresys temperature data logger 179T1, 179A-T1, 179B-T1, 179-T2, 179-UT, 199-WT1, and the 179-TH, 179A-TH, 179-UTH, 199-WTH temperature & humidity data loggers, are suited to outdoor applications whether they are left exposed to the elements or, as in some cases, buried in the soil to monitor growing conditions.

Server Room Monitoring

The server room is the heart of a modern company – when the network is down, your business is down. The Apresys 199-WT1 is designed to provide you with an early warning should temperatures in your server room start to rise too high. The data logger can send message to computer and your cell phone if temperatures exceed a preset temperature limit.

Industrial Produce

Some products have high requirement for temperature during produce, The Apresys offers a number of instruments suitable for recording temperature & humidity data from industrial processes. The model 179T1, 179A-T1, 179B-T1, 179-T2, 199-WT1 for measurement of temperatures (-40 to +100°C)


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