Trail Cameras Instruction and Use Tips

Trail Cameras

 You need a proper equipment to hunting success. Trail Cameras are an excellent tool for watching deer mature and progress over the years. It is a major necessity to take deer counts in the hunting world today. They give a good estimate as to how many deer you have in that particular area.

You can monitor your land or lease without disturbing deer or other wildlife. There are many different brands of trail cameras with different price ranges and qualities. Here are some of the trail cameras brands you will see most often:

Stealth Cam
Leaf River
Smart Scouter

When purchasing a trail camera, some important features to think about, include: flash range, trigger speed, megapixels, IR or not, video clips, and time lapse.

Flash range: it is essential in capturing those bucks that just aren’t sure if it is safe to come in.
Trigger speed: is how fast the camera will ‘react’ when motion or heat is detected.
Megapixels: The more megapixels, the clearer your photo will be.
IR: IR is shorthand for infrared. Infrared is a system that does not use a flash; therefore, as they say, “no flash, no dash.” Please also keep in mind that the pictures will be in black and white.
Time lapse: Many cameras’ delay times range from 1 – 60 minutes. Time lapse, or delay, is how long the camera will ‘wait’ until more motion or heat is detected.
Video clips: if you would like to see the deer in action, video clips are as simple as setting a button on your camera .

Use Game Trail Cameras

1. Put your camera to the north for the best quality pictures.
2. Use a mineral lick or salt block during the off season to bring deer into trail camera range.
3. Remember to bring an extra memory card and batteries every time you check your game cameras.
4. Locate your cameras where they are easily accessible so you don’t over-pressure the deer.

Leave the trail camera alone for long time
leave your camera alone for at least a week, and even up to ten or 12 days if you can stand it. That will give the area enough time for all human scent to disappear and give mature animals enough security to start using that area again. I know it is tempting, but checking too often can litter an area with scent, and may keep big bucks from using that area entirely. As the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat. But if you check your cameras too often, it just might save the buck. Stay disciplined.



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