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Asian Fresh Supply Chain Expo has come to a successful conclusion

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In 2024, because of love, fearless of wind and rain!

From June 25th to 27th, Apreys participated in the highly anticipated 19th China International Logistics Festival and 21st China International Transport and Logistics Expo, as well as the 2024 Asian Logistics Biennale, which were successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Influenced by the heavy rain, Shanghai has experienced the strongest rainstorm since the beginning of the plum blossom season. Exhibitors and visitors are still unafraid of the storm. 794 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions and about 36000 professional visitors from 92 countries and regions gathered from around the world.


Unprecedented grandeur, leading domestic and foreign logistics leaders gather together

With the logistics market ranking first in the world for many consecutive years, the strong growth of China's logistics industry not only attracts the world's attention, but also promotes the innovation and development of the entire industry. In this context, the 2024 Asian Logistics Biennale also created the largest scale in history. The three-day exhibition, with a display area of 50000 square meters, fully showcases the new development of 9 major themes across the entire industry chain, including comprehensive logistics services, air freight, port shipping logistics, road and railway transportation, logistics real estate, fresh supply chain/cold chain logistics, smart logistics/IT information systems, logistics equipment, and specialized vehicles. It has become a "strong engine" for promoting international exchange and cooperation, insight into the future direction of the industry, sharing "Asian opportunities" and "Chinese opportunities", and connecting global markets.


Fresh logistics is a sword in ten years, empowering the industry to steadily move forward

Driven by consumer upgrading, China's fresh logistics industry is undergoing modernization and transformation. The dual line integration of online and offline channels, the two-way output of rural areas and overseas markets, and the implementation and application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data have made the entire industry need to remain calm, see the future direction clearly, and face changes.

After ten years of deep cultivation, the 2024 Asian Fresh Supply Chain Expo, held at the same time, once again brings together various aspects of fresh logistics, warehousing, transportation, and distribution, as well as intelligent information technology, cold storage construction and warehousing, fresh food processing and packaging and other fields of participating enterprises. The more efficient, green, and intelligent fresh logistics technology equipment and solutions brought by Apresys, Zhongyang Liku, Jingxing Logistics Equipment, Asa Abloy, Kangfei Automobile, Kuayue Express, Dajiang Intelligence, Jingchuang, Xinfan, Schneider, etc. can meet the fresh logistics needs of "from the origin to the dining table" or "selling globally, shipping globally".


Apreys showcased a very advantageous temperature recorder product at the Asian Fresh Expo, model PDF-TS. This temperature data logger is reasonably priced, fully functional, and designed for long-distance or international transportation, suitable for both sea, land, and air transportation. Fully adapted to the needs of fresh refrigeration and frozen transportation.


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