Laser Rangefinder Concept and Category


Laser Rangefinder Concept and Category
Laser Rangefinders are devices which measure distance or observer to a target. There are a variety of rangefinders available for different purposes, including rangefinders for measuring distances for construction, golf shots, hunting, speeding vehicles, and data collection. Laser Rangefinders are also known as distance meters, laser locators, laser rangefinder monoculars. In addition to different terms used for rangefinders there are also different terms used for the measurements made by rangefinders. Distance is also referred to as range, and can also be more accurately described as horizontal distance, slope distance, or vertical distance. Apresys Laser Rangefinder Binoculars is also referred to as azimuth or angle. Inclination is also often referred to as pitch.

How can i select a appropriate rangefinder
Whether your’e golfing, hunting or conducting forestry survey, knowing the right distance is essential.
Golf Rangefinder
Try ranging a pin or fluttering flag from over 300 yards away! Golf rangefinder has been precisely calibrated to fire a laser beam exactly at the target in the crosshairs. The proprietary beam geometry improves laser returns from the pin and the advanced software accurately separates those returns from objects in the background. On courses that utilize prism technology ranging a distant pin is even easier thanks to prism lock. Hold the top button to scan the area around the pin, your golf rangefinders will beep and the display will freeze the moment it identifies a prism-topped flag stick.

Hunting Rangefinder
When the perfect prize winning buck presents itself, be sure of your distance by utilizing one of our outstanding hunting rangefinders. To be able to properly compensate for bullet drop, you need to know just how far you are from your target. Use the most advanced distance measuring technology with a laser rangefinder for hunting. Hunters absolutely love these hunting tools. Choose the best hunting rangefinder from Bushnell, Nikon, Leica, Leupold and Apresys

Construction Rangefinder
It’s almost an insult to even call this powerful measurement tool a “Laser Rangefinder” because its capabilities go far beyond just measuring a range. You can instantly measure slope distance, inclination and azimuth and calculate horizontal and vertical distance – all with a single push of a button.
The construction laser rangefinder has an integrated compass that allows you to measure azimuth and provides an extra onboard solution called missing line. This is a simple 2-shot routine or 3-shot routine that instantly calculates the distance, inclination and azimuth direction value between any remote points.

Military Rangefinder
Military rangefinders normally operate at ranges of 2 km up to 25 km and provide magnetic azimuth, inclination, and height (length) of targets. Some rangefinders can also measure a target’s speed in relation to the observer. Some rangefinders have cable or wireless interfaces to transfer their measurement(s) data to other equipment like fire control computers. Some models also offer the possibility to use add-on night vision modules. Most handheld rangefinders use standard or rechargeable batteries. The more powerful models of rangefinders measure distance up to 25 km and are normally installed either on a tripod or directly on a vehicle or gun platform. In the latter case the rangefinder module is integrated with on-board thermal, night vision and daytime observation equipment. The most advanced military rangefinders can be integrated with computers.

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