Bluetooth Temp RH data logger

Bluetooth Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger


Apresys Bluetooth temperature and relative humidity data logger uses the most advanced low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0 technology, with high-performance integrated circuits, to achieve wireless communication between the temperature humidity recorder and mobile Bluetooth device. The compact and portable Bluetooth temperature humidity recorder enables effective wireless communication distance up to 30 meters, avoids the common connection troubles for conventional recording devices, to greatly improve the work efficiency and save time.

Connecting with the Smartphone app, the data can be easily read, viewed, and uploaded. With mini Bluetooth printer, it can print temperature data and graphs anytime anywhere. It has compact size, high precision, long life, good stability and low cost. The product has low overall power consumption, which can work for more than one year when the old battery is replaced. With wide temperature range, it is suitable for a variety of common, even extreme temperature environment. Using IP65 waterproof design, it is shockproof, dust-proof and waterproof.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy enabled for your mobile phone
  • Works with Apresys Datalogger app only for Android
  • No internet access, cables, or PC required
  • Download data any time from 30 meters away
  • Easily share data with other apps
  • Set up and start monitoring in minutes


  • Ideal for limited-access areas
  • Multifamily buildings
  • Cold storage and warehouses
  • Museums and galleries
  • Office buildings
  • Restricted areas
  • Data centers

Configure and manage temperature and relative humidity data over a 30 meters range without ever coming into physical contact with Apresys Blue-tooth Temperature and humidity data logger BLE-T/BLE-TH. Very suitable for low temperature logistics, and fresh food distribution, refrigerated transport, in particular incubator transport, the data can be easily read without unpacking.


Temp Range:     -30°C ~60°C   0%RH~100%RH

Accuracy:          ±0.5°C     ±3%RH

Resolution:        0.1°C     0.1%RH

Display:             LCD

Display content :  Temperature and humidity values, record status, system time

Start mode:          Press Start Button

Data Capacity:   16,000 Group (16,000 Temp data & 16,000 RH data)

Battery:              CR2032H (replaceable)

Shelf Life:          5 years ( battery not included)

Dimensions:      1.1cm * 5.6 cm * 8.3 cm

Weight:             about 40g

Simple User Guide

1, Scan QR code, download Apresys Datalogger APP on  Android mobile phone.

2, Configure and manage recording interval, start time, notes and other information from Apresys Datalogger APP

3, Place the data logger in related environment, long press “GO” button for 3 seconds to start recording

4, Open the Apresys Datalogger APP on the phone to read the data after finishing recording.

5, View, upload and print data via Apresys Datalogger APP.


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